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Veteran Moves: How To Warm-Up for a Race

Veteran Moves - On Warming Up

Next on our Veteran Moves series, Coaches Noy Basa and Betsy Medalla share with us on how to best warm-up for a race.

noy basa
Noy Basa
Co-Founder and Head Coach, Streamline Sports Instruction

A key essential for the best results is to do a quality warm up, before a race or a workout. On top of its well-documented physiological benefits, a good warm up helps you find your rhythm, break a sweat, and feel pumped up for what’s to come. Usually less than 10 minutes and no more than 15, here are some of my routines:

  • Before a swim/triathlon – 15-minute swim: 3 minutes easy drills, thrice (2.5 min easy to moderate swim + 30 sec fast), 3 minutes easy
  • Before a run – at least a 2k easy-to-moderate run with three 30-second pickups in between
  • Before a bike workout – 2 minutes easy spin, 8 minutes cadence pyramids or cadence transitions, 5-minute recovery

Betsy Medalla
Betsy Medalla


Do not stretch before the swim start of a triathlon. Stretching improves flexibility, range of motion, and relaxes tight muscles. However, research has shown that static stretching before power-dependent exercise will in fact weaken your power output.

The start of your swim will not benefit from your relaxed and flexible muscles. Slow swimming is the best warm up for fast swimming. When it’s not possible to get a swim warm up in for whatever reason, dynamic stretches are your next best option.

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